A big OOORAH to Big Mike Ehland for making our trek through Pennsylvania such a wonderful adventure! Your support of the Two Tandems West Gang is still something we talk about every day! You are a great friend, Mike...Thanks!!!

Uncle Denny's Pizzeria, Coraopolis, PA

Voted the best pizza in the universe by the Two Tandems West Gang! 

Uncle Denny, Thanks for the great pizza, good directions and moral support!

The Allegheny Trail Alliance is made up of several trails running from the PA/MD state line to north of Pittsburgh.  One portion of the trail runs through the Ohiopye State Park and along the Youghiogheny River. The trail is very scenic, flat and shady. We got spoiled by the easy riding conditions!

What a treat! Big Mike Ehland brought us dinner (and breakfast for the following morning) at our campsite at Cedar Creek. We were all really looking forward to seeing a familiar face along the trail and it was wonderful to see Mike pull up in his truck...especially since it was loaded with chow, cool drinks & goodies.  After a great dinner, he went over the map with Brian and said that there was really no flat route to his house the following day...BOY, HE WASN'T KIDDING!

The next day, on the left Leanne and Carrie pedal up a hill while Mike drives the safety/support vehicle in the rear. This was a tough day (hot with lots of hills) but it was made a lot easier because Mike was at each rest stop with cool drinks, snacks and bubbles for Carrie!  On the right Mike is pictured with the Two Tandems West Gang at the top of a hill near Eighty Four, PA. "Cannonsburg (Mike's house) is just over the next hill and around the corner!"  





The Two Tandems West Gang on a hilltop (one of MANY in the Keystone State!) near Eighty Four, PA.  Carrie found the little flag lying on the road.  She stopped to pick it up, and now Josepina waves it proudly!




Another treat in the Keystone State!!

Big Mike's sister, Mary, had a great picnic for us when we arrived.  There was plenty of great food, drinks and story telling. Kathy (age 7) was incharge of security and pool safety and made sure everyone had a good time.  The Two Tandems West gang are so thankful for such good friends and to be included in wonderful family gatherings like this!  Thanks Mary, Ted and Kathy for sharing your terrific family with us!!

Standing: Rachel, Brian, Carrie, Mary Ellen, Hanna, Kathy holding Muffin, Letty

Seated: Big Mike, Mary, Ted & Perdida


Muffin & Perdida enjoying the festivities

Who are these two good looking guys?

Mary had this cake made with a picture of Mike and Brian when they were in Okinawa together in 1983.



Here's a super-secret photo of Big Mike entertaining all of the kids on our last day in Canonsburg. The crown and jewelry are a nice touch, Mike!




It was so wonderful of Letty (Big Mike's Mom) to let us stay at her house while we were enjoying our PA "Pitt-stop".  Your kindness made our layover extra special!  Thanks for sharing your GREAT family with us, too!