Crossing into Ohio in the rain. It rained off and on for the first two days in Ohio, but then heated up. The terrain leveled off as we headed west of Cleveland. All of us loved Cleveland and would like to go back for another visit!

After entering Ohio on the heels of a two day rainstorm, we finally dried out and started to enjoy the state. We climbed some more hills to Cleveland and were really impressed with the city. On our way out of the city, we met and had breakfast with Curt, a fellow cyclist who finished the Southern Tier bike route last fall. He had some great words of advice for our trek and the local terrain. Best of all, he treated us to a great breakfast at Tina's. Thanks, Curt!!

The route took us through some beautiful parts of the city and we ended up riding next to Lake Erie for about three days. We met so many great people along the way...Loretta, we met at a bagel shop in Huron. She's a cyclist too and gave us great directions to our next stop! Keep those wheels rolling girl!

We camped everynight and didn't get to update the page (sorry) but had a great time. The hills leveled out and the weather brightened and we enjoyed the ride.  



Here Rachel and Carrie take a break along the Chagrin River.






The Two Tandems West Gang in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  The museum is right on Lake Erie and was our first stop when we rolled into the city.  We'll stay in Cleveland tonight and head toward Sandusky tomorrow.

Along Lake Erie








Wheat Wheat fields and farms...

Rachel finds a giant can of soup (where's the giant grilled cheese to go with it?) and the girls relax at a campground near Bowling Green, Ohio