Sunset at our campsite near Balta Dam, ND.

The Two Tandems West Gang settled in here after fighting strong headwinds all day. We had intended to make it about 15 miles further, but the sun was setting and we knew we wouldn't be able to make it before dark.  The lake was beautiful and turned out to be one of the best campsites we've stayed at thus far. The air was a bit chilly and there were NO BUGS!



Pictures from the road in North Dakota.



The above  photos were taken on the Spirit Lake Nation, the Sioux Reservation.

Highway Runway

One afternoon, a man in a truck asked us to pull off of the highway so that a crop duster could use it as a runway to take off.  His regular runway was unuseable due to heavy rains the week before. We pulled off on to the shoulder and waved to the plane as it took off and flew over head.

A few hours later, we saw the plane again. He tipped his wings and blew a puff of smoke to let us know he'd seen us.

What a fun experience!



Onward! Through the fog!!

This early morning photo was taken near Page, ND as we headed toward Binford, ND. In Page we met Mike and Sandra, a couple riding the Northern Tier Route from Bar Harbor, Maine to Anacortas, Washington. They were college students taking the summer to see the country up close. Traveling light and much faster than the Two Tandems West Gang, we haven't seen them since that night but have recieved several  messages left with eastbound riders. They hooked up with Dan, another solo westbound rider we met in Minnesota and are reportedly having a great time!

Have a safe trip Mike, Sandra & Dan!!




The Two Tandems West Gang in Rugby, ND; known to all as the geographical center of North America. At second breakfast here, we met two brothers (in their early 70's) who were taking three summers to complete the cross country trip. This summer they were riding from Williston, ND to Buffalo, NY.  They saw our bikes outside a restaurant and came in to say hello. They had talked to Mike, Sandra & Dan the day before and were looking for us.






The North Dakota State Fair in Minot, ND

The Two Tandems Gang stopped in Minot to go to the State Fair. Here are a few of the snapshots we took to document the great day we had.


Leanne and Brian take time to talk to former Marine Sergeant John Stiles. Sgt Stiles was representing the American Legion.  He went through recruit training in San Diego and was on active duty from 1950-1954, doing a tour in Korea with the 11th Marine Regiment.


Semper Fi, Marine!




Just one of the rides the girls took advantage of...







...and, of course, Daryl's Racing pigs!